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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tips on Removing Unnecessary Files to Save Disk Space in Windows

To clear out some unnecessary files in Windows XP or Vista to save the disk space follow the simple tips given in this article. Before you do, make sure to be very cautious while in the root folder [Usually C:\]. There may be vital information, if deleted, may cause problems for your system.

Deleting unnecessary temp files

Very often you will find a number of unnecessary temp files on your computer. This may be due to an abnormal system shutdown. You might want to delete these files since they may cause problems somewhere down the road. Before deleting them, however, you should copy the temp files to a CD/DVD and go ahead and delete them. After making copies, it will be safe to delete them.

Follow simple steps to delete Un-Necessary files:

  • On the desktop press F3.

  • This will open the Find: All Files dialog box.

  • In the Named field type *.tmp.

  • In the Look in field, click the down arrow and select the drive you want to search.

  • Click Find Now.

  • When the search results appear, from the View menu select Arrange Icons, and click by Date.

  • Select all of the temp files that are not dated to the current day and hit the Delete button.

Copying a large number of files and folders instantaneously:

The quickest way to copy files or folders from your hard drive to an external USB Device is by using Send To. First you need to:

  • Select the file(s) or folder(s) you want to copy and right-click them.

  • Then you select on the menu -> Send To

  • Choose the USB drive and you are done.

Your files will now be copied.

Dragging and dropping files:

In Windows XP, if you are dragging a file to another location, there is an easy way to tell what the file will do when you let it go. Before you release the mouse when dragging, look in the lower-right corner of the file’s icon.

  • An arrow means that your file will become a shortcut.

  • A plus sign (+) means that your file will be copied.

  • If you can’t see anything, your file will be moved to a new location.

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