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Friday, June 01, 2007

What is Direct Marketing all about?

Different types of marketing are appropriate at different stages of the buying process. A company should design their marketing mix accordingly. There are situations where direct marketing isn’t appropriate or effective but many companies rely on direct marketing to generate qualified sales leads. In many cases, a company can generate $20-$50 in directly measurable sales for every $1 spent on direct marketing. With that kind of ROI, direct marketing is an integral part of many marketing plans.

Direct marketing means personalized not broadcast. Examples could be mail, flyers, Mailing Lists, email, etc. They are intended to communicate one on one.

Direct marketing works best when you know your target audience is, then have a great list with that target on it, then a great offer. Creative is important - but if you don't have the first 3, you are throwing money away.

Many people say that Direct Marketing brings a Negative impression on the Brand. I will say Not at all. Does Avon, AMC, Tupperware or Amway have a negative brand image? These are all direct marketed products.

It all depends on the product. One of my good friend sells Amway and I think, especially in the wellness industry direct marketing is the perfect vehicle. It gives the client one-on-one interaction, more information and better resources than simply picking it off the shelf.

Good luck if you decide to join a direct marketing company. Just do your homework first - that'll be my personal advice. Hope this information helped.