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Thursday, June 14, 2007

YouTube will curb Copyright Infringement by using a new Video Identification System

YouTube plans to launch a video identification system that will help it curb copyrighted material from being uploaded. It is reported that tests will begin initially with Walt Disney and Time Warner.

In about a month, YouTube will start using clips supplied by Walt Disney and Time Warner to identify unique characteristics within clips posted by users. If a match is found, the content owner will be alerted. The companies that own the copyright can decide to either remove the content, or leave it up and get a cut of the advertising revenue gained from ads appearing around the video. The technology could eventually be used to block the uploading of copyrighted clips if the studio desires.

Meanwhile, YouTube brought more lawsuits - Viacom suing the search giant for publishing videos without authorization and requiring $1 billion in damages. The announcement was made just after the MTV owner demanded the removal of 100.000 clips from the official page.

So be careful the next time you try to upload a Copyrighted video on YouTube - Big Brother's watching.