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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Encrypt all your files for Free using Blowfish : Kruptos 2

Keeping your files safe has become a rule of thumb nowadays. Despite the abundance of encryption tools on the market, finding a free application to provide this service is quite a task.

Kruptos 2 is a very good Freeware Software that helps protect all your files. The interface is quite plain and simple, but supplies all the functionality you need to keep your files safe.

Drop all the files you want to the large window, either by drag and drop or by browsing for them, Kruptos makes available three options: encrypt/decrypt, shredding and create a self-extracting file (executable). The encryption algorithm used for almost all of these options is Blowfish 128-bit. This algorithm is not easily crackable. The only way to crack is by trying to guess the password you have used - So use a very Strong combination of password.

For protection purposes, you can enable obfuscate file names from the Configuration, under the Options menu. This will disguise the newly encrypted file's name. Krupto 2 takes all the precautions necessary and only the names of the files will be changed, leaving the name of the folder containing them intact.

The application is 100% rock solid. However, keep in mind that once the files are encrypted, the only way to decode them is by using the correct key - So be careful in remembering the key - Else Blowfish will need a few years to decode using a powerful server!!

You can download Kruptos 2 from the Official Website for FREE.