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Friday, July 20, 2007

Grab the Pownce Invites before they Finish!!

Thanks to one of our reader's Ronald - He linked me to a new service called Pownce. Before his mail, I had NO idea on what this cool service was all about. Thanks Ronald :)

Well, Kevin Rose is one of the founders of Digg, and has come out with a brand new service called Pownce. He has quite ambitiously sent the company out to the ever challenging Internet marketplace. Pownce is a new network of instantaneous client that offers the functionalities of Twitter/Jaiku, allowing the sending of messages, files and events with the other users.

This new system has developed its client on Adobe AIR(Adobe Integrated Runtime ), and hence it is necessary to install the AIR to your computer. Since AIR is currently only being available for Windows and Mac. If you have Linux - you will have to hope just a little bit.

At the moment the service is in closed beta, and can only be accessed by means of an invitation.

Now for the Best part - I have a few Pownce Invites to give away. In case, any of you need an invite - Do drop me a mail.