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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How to make Use of the Free Yahoo Mail's SMS Functionality?

The all new Yahoo Mail has a wonderful new SMS feature that enables all the new Yahoo Mail interface users to send messages straight on a mobile phone. But wait a sec - this new SMS feature is available only to Yahoo users from US, India, Canada and Philippines. However, I guess it'll be only a few days/months before Yahoo upgrades all the Yahoo Mail accounts to the final version of the new technology(includes SMS features).

So let's see how you can enable this new functionality. First of all, the SMS function is available only to the users of the final version of Yahoo Mail so, if you're still addicted to the classic version, you must switch to the latest version. Also, your account must be set-up in one of the countries mentioned above. Once you full-fill all the above criteria. All you need to do is click on Options / Mail Options and press the 'Try Now' button placed near the new Yahoo Mail announcement.

Please note that the function does not work if you're not logged in into your in-mail Yahoo Messenger. As you may already know, Yahoo has sometime back integrated its instant messaging client into the interface of the mail technology so, in order to be able to send SMS messages, you have to be connected to Yahoo Messenger. After you connect to the chat application, a small arrow should appear near the 'Compose' button, allowing you to select the SMS option. Cool right!!