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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to get an Apple iPhone in India?

The answer isn't very straight forward if you are considering to get a genuine Apple iPhone in India for now. If it's a smuggled one then the local phone/computer markets would be fine.

As for an official one we have mixed results now - It seems that both Airtel as well as Vodafone will bring the famed iPhone to India in the coming months. Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) has recently announced in an official press release last week that it will bring Apple's iPhone to India, Singapore, Australia, and the Philippines this year. Sufficing that - Airtel India has also issued a separate press release stating it will bring the iPhone to India. We all know that SingTel has a stake in Bharti Airtel so the iPhone will be landing to Airtel via SingTel.

The week before last we saw Vodafone say it is bringing the iPhone to India later this year, along with nine other countries including the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa, and Turkey. We already have confirmed dates with Telecom Italia announcing its deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to Italy in the second half of the year. Hence we can also expect the iPhone in India too to be available via Vodafone around that time.

Now lets hope that Vodafone and Airtel are both right- which clearly means that the Apple iPhone will hit the Indian shores from two carriers? Now that's really going to be very interesting. I personally feel that this will surely bring down prices of the iPhone considerably, with both the telco majors vying for a large pie of the Apple iPhone market in India. So lets watch out for more developments.