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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Adobe Finally enters the Online Application Market

Though a bit late - but Adobe seems to be in a state of "Better Late than Never" and has rolled out an online website at Acrobat. This website basically allows you to convert pdf and even store them online.

The other features are as listed below:
  • Buzzword: Well, it's Adobe's version of the online word processor same like Google Docs or Zoho.
  • ConnectNow: It's a very cool web conferencing tool that lets you share your desktop with others, chat, talk over a VoIP connection, or share files and mark up whiteboards.
  • Share: You can share files with other users using this feature. Adobe Share lets you send files to a list of contacts, and lets the recipients view PDF image, and video files online.
  • Create PDF: Seriously, do I need to tell you what this does?
  • My Files: Lets you Store and organize up to 5GB of files online.
On another front Adobe has also released Acrobat 9, an updated version of its desktop PDF reader with support for embedded Flash, which means you might start finding PDF documents with embedded YouTube videos or other Flash content.