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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What do you do if you drop your iPod / Mobile falls into Water?

What does one really do when we drop our most priced gizmo's like the personal iPod or the featuristic mobile in water? There have been instances of some of my pals accidentally dropping their ipod into a cup of steaming cappuccino early morning. And there was a pal of mine who dropped his new mobile accidentally in the loo.

In all these cases, we just think that we need to forget about our lovely gizmo and head to the malls to pick up another one. But did you know that help is at hand and at home!! Yes, of course - Rice is commonly found in all Indian homes (Since rice is the staple food of Indian and most South Asians too).

So, the next time you accidentally drop your loved electronic gadget in water. Dry it completely (atleast the exteriors) off water with tissue. Then, most importantly - don't attempt to switch ON the device. Place the gadget inside a bowl of rice and leave it un touched or disturbed for atleast 24hrs. Rice being a natural desiccant will absorb all the excess moisture. If your gadget comes with a removable battery, then dry the battery separately - this will speed up the drying process.