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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Advertisement : Choosing the Best Web hosting Plan easily

For the past few weeks I was searching for a really good hosting company. It took me a couple of weeks to try and find out the most reliable and cost effective web hosting companies. But today I discovered that my weeks of research was not called for if I had earlier found out this web hosting site. Why this web hosting website you may ask - but one visit to the website you'll know exactly what I am speaking about.

This site can be called a mother of all web hosting websites - coz it has all the worlds best web hosting services clearly bifurcated according to the cost of the service, how reliable the web host is, most importantly the service's uptime and also the quality of the tech support available.

It also has web hosting plans listed based on the needs like Blogging, Business Hosting, PHP specific hosting, Windows / Linux Servers, etc. This kind of a categorization as per me is of very great help to choose the right plans in a few clicks.

The site also has a great learning center which has some very nice tutorials that start off from explaining why you need to choose a web host and how to effectively choose the best plan for you, so also the different scams that you can take precaution to not fall into their traps.

If you want reliable service, good customer support, and along with cheap deals, head over to the web hosting site and check it out.