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Friday, April 03, 2009

1 million plus Skype downloads on iPhones already

Looks like Skype has made a dent into the iPhone market too - tough it launched pretty late after a couple of years of the iPhone. But it sure looks like it is on the path for the numero Uno position on VOIP calls on the iPhone too. The Skype version for iPhone was launched on 1st April and till date it has recorded a million plus downloads already!!!

Skype blogger Peter Parkes posted a quick update on the official blog sharing this great news!! I suppose now that Skype is one of the fastest-downloaded apps of all time in the iTunes app store - it now accounts for an average of six downloads each passing second. Let's wait and watch if Skype has truly raised a storm in the iPhone VOIP market. You can download the Skype app for Iphone here for free.

BTW, as always Skype to Skype calls are free :)