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Thursday, April 09, 2009

How to easily find Custom Car Parts online

Custom car parts have become the defacto stuff of the rich and famous for their Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes or Lexus cars. Looking at the aftermarket(the way custom car parts are called downtown) parts business one can surely tell that most of the companies currently building carbon fiber parts are doing so outside the US (mainly in Mexico, Taiwan and China) are the top three right now. But to get it online you can easily access a superb website for car parts.

Usually laying up carbon fiber parts means you have to go out and purchase the OEM part (Original Equipment Manufacturer) keeping in mind it has to be perfect otherwise your part wont be able to fit. But when you contact the experts at the site, they do it all for you and customize your car as per your needs and even home deliver the work (I mean your car).

For each and every part you want to make you need the factory part, keeping in mind a hood for an Acura can cost around $500.00 if you decide to build at least 4 part numbers the cost is about 2K. Now you just have to contact the great team over at the website for the carbon fiber (composite one is a good source) and they'll put in one of their skilled employee's who are very good at making molds. Once you have a mold it has to be seasoned ( the first 4-7 parts out of a carbon fiber mold are useless) that cost will be around 1500 dollars per mold - since we are talking about custom content here, the moulds can never and will never be reused.

But if you want to spend a fabulous amount money quickly to get race carbon parts - you can easily specify the experts and they'll get it done for you in jiffy. The website also has some very good resources that can help you take calculated decisions and make your car a truly unique one of it's kind. Do visit the site to get a clearer idea about the designs and their past work.