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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Summers' here - Choose the best cooling solution

Atleast here - the Summer has begun and most have started to hunt for the best cooling solution. Well, portable air conditioners are the newest fad in the market.

Portable air conditioners are truly unique in that they are comparatively small, portable and can be easily moved from place in the house to another place. Though they still have an exhaust tube that must be vented out outside the house like a normal air-conditioner, they are truly portable in the sense that they require no permanent installation and can be easily moved around.

Most portable air conditioners come with what is called a window venting kit. This venting kit easily slides into a window and can be easily fit. Newer ones come with door venting kit too. The exhaust hose is easily fit into the appropriate space in the window kit, and the unit is ready to go. To know more details about the ins and outs of installing portable air conditioners contact your local technician or the sales man(watch out, you may be taken in for a ride).

Portable air conditioners virtually always have caster wheels for movability or easy portability. They consist of one "box" that holds both the hot and cold side of the air conditioner in one and they use their exhaust hose to expel heat. There are several ways to get rid of the water that the air conditioner condenses out of the air. Most units collect this water in an internal drain bucket, but some units exhaust the water through their drain hose. Some units have pumps that pump the condensate water out through a tube in their drain hose. Most models that collect condensate water in an internal bucket can also be adapted for direct drain off. There are also now models ib the market that produce no water at all.

Happy shopping and hope you make the right decision.