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Monday, May 11, 2009

All you wanted to know about Portable Water Filter Straws

If you happen to be a frequent traveler and love to travel the countryside by road to remote places - there is a high possibility that you may face problems in procuring clean drinking water in such areas. At most places bottled water is either not available or is of some unknown brand that you cannot trust. So what do you do in such cases?

I would suggest Portable Water Filter Straw which is a purifier and not just a filter with a straw as many of us think of it as. It has a lot of advantages that can be of great help like light weight, small in size and very easy to carry / portable. It has a microfiltration capillary membrane with a filtration size of 0.2 microns so, the water molecules being smaller in size pass through - while the bacteria get caught. This process is a much better form of filtration and is a lot cleaner when compared to drinking bottled water of unknown brands in such markets. The biggest advantage is efficiency of the filter and effectiveness of the straw.

Most of them are medically tested , reusable , have no chemicals and are very environment friendly. Above all it is cheaper than bottled water . These pocket sized filters are the best travel decisions ever you can make.