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Friday, May 08, 2009

Check the perfromance of HRE Wheels !!

HRE is synonymous with uncompromising standards of engineering, innovation and quality. HRE utilizes cutting edge technology to custom craft forged aluminum wheels for your high-performance or luxury vehicle. The result…the ultimate combination of beauty, strength and light-weight design in the finest 3-piece wheels ever created.

HRE uses forged aluminum components and aerospace grade materials to custom manufacture 3-piece wheels for your vehicle. Each set of wheels is manufactured to the exact specifications you require, be it a standard OE configuration or an exotic, one-of-a-kind fitment.

There are different types of HRE Wheels like the: 990R, 940R, 890R, 840R, 790R, 640R, 590R, 540R, 540,440R, Monoblok Series and new line the "Competition" series. 840R Series combines clean, aggressive styling, hidden-hardware construction and straight-contour rims to take 3-piece design to a new level.940R Series are the newest wheels from HRE coming in 20" 21" and 22".

Hre forged wheels are the consummate performance upgrade to your exotic sports car, high-powered luxury sedan, custom truck or stylish S.U.V. 540R Series combines a straight-contour rim with the timeless styling of 540 Series to create dramatic and elegant designs.440R Series combines a unique linear profile and straight-contour rim to create a perfect custom fit in designs found on the race circuits of Germany and Japan.

Centercap choices make your HRE wheels even more unique. Select from 3 types. Red White & Blue, Silver & Black and Etched 540 Series combines elegant styling and track-inspired construction to optimize performance.640R Series offers the ultimate blend of strength and light-weight designs, optimizing style and performance.