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Thursday, May 07, 2009

How to easily clean eye glasses with a shine free coating on them?

I know that this topic has nothing got to do with technology but I thought this information might be helpful for some of you folks out there.

The quality of the coating on your eye-glasses is the main factor that decides on the life span of the glasses. Based on the coating it is very important to clean them in a manner appropriate to them. Let me explain to you in a much simpler manner, higher quality coatings have more layers while low quality coatings have only a few layers of the coating material.

So, if the coating on your eye glasses is thin, it tends to wear away faster while lenses with thicker coatings last longer and are more scratch resistant. A Wide Selection of Eyeglasses have the thicker coating on them so you don't have to fret about it. Of course, the better coating costs more and takes longer to process.

And as far as cleaning- always use a lens cleaner that says on the label "Safe for use on anti-reflective coated lenses". When you have a thin coating and cheap eye glasses don't over clean them as it might remove the coating layer easily. Always use a soft cloth ( Always prefer to use the microfiber cloths though they are a bit costly) to dry them. One piece of general advise is, never use windex (the ammonia in it will cause damage to the coating on your lenses) and don't use any paper products because the wood in them will cause hairline scratches over a period of time.