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Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to easily view any complete FaceBook profile using the Free Facebook Private Profile Viewer

Many a times you may want to view the profile of a person on Facebook but since the person hasn't added you as a friend you will not be able to view the complete FaceBook profile. You have help at hand, though this could be mis-used by others, I hope my blog readers will not mis-use this FaceBook Private Profile Viewer.

Here are the list of websites from which you can easily view the complete profile of any FaceBook user if you happen to know the Profile Id of that person. Tip: You can easily find the FaceBook Profile Id of any person when you are trying to add a person as a friend, check the link of the person's picture and you will get to know the FaceBook Profile Id.

  • http://www.facebookspy.org
  • http://freeprivateprofileviewer.com/?v=fb
  • http://www.easyprivateprofileviewer.com
P.S: I have not enabled the link for these websites, since most of them seem to be SPAMMY - so please be carfeul when you visit the above links. DONOT enter your e-mail address or any personal information on any of the pages.