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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Is Microsoft Windows 7 really good?

Windows 7 Release Candidate had arrived a couple of weeks back to Technet and MSDN members. It will be publicly available from today (5th may) onwards. Windows 7 RC1 is sure going to take many users by storm.

Right now I'm using the old build of Windows 7 (I mean its Windows 7 RC 32-Bit), but can't wait to download Windows 7 RC1. Windows 7 is really an amazing OS - I can't say anything more about it!

I've had absolutely No problem with Drivers till date (remember when Vista was released and every other manufacturer had to release special Vista drivers), it will automatically install drivers from Windows Update. What it does brilliantly is that it automatically take drivers.

The new Windows Media Player 12 is so cool. WMP12 supports almost all media playback formats, without installing any codec Packs - now that's very cool!

Further more, the user interface is awesome and simply amazing. Moreover Windows 7 takes less space on your harddisk. I think you must take a online windows 2008 training to get used to it - Just Kidding. It's simply such a perfect OS for the Laptop users.

But you need atleast 1GB of RAM to install it and if you have 4GB+ RAM(like me) then install Windows 7 RC 64-bit - it's really cool.