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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Download the latest version of the Portable Google Browser - Google Chrome

An expert method of trying out the most current versions of the Google web browser(Google Chrome) is by running a portable edition of Google Chrome. The exclusive trouble that comes up in running a portable version of the software is that it can be quite a baffling task to remain up to date with each of the frequent web browser updates that the Google Chrome team releases on a regular basis(once in few weeks).

The latest version of the portable Google browser can be easily downloaded from the following Google chrome internet site. The web browser can easily be launched by hitting the file ChromeLoader.exe for a standard Google web browser to start or IncognitoChromeLoader.exe for beginning the anonymous mode of the Google web browser.

Also, do note that Newer updates that are released can easily be copied over the existing files of the Google web browser folder in your machine / usb stick that you have stored it. Users merely have to be sure to avoid overwriting the profile directory which stores user associated data.

Users who are worried in remaining up to date with the portable Google Chrome releases are advised to add the RSS feed of the Google Web Browser / Chrome website to their RSS feed reader as this appears to be the best way to be advised of computer program updates.