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Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to easily program your Directv DVR remote to control your dvd player?

Most folks who have a Direct TV DVR Box would want the same remote to control your DVD Player or TV remote from it. Well, that was the same case with my cousin who wanted to control her Sanyo DVD player with the Directv DVR white remote. But with whatever programming she had done to it, it used to turn on/off the Sanyo DVD player and also the function buttons used to not work.

So, here are the actual steps that you need to follow to reprogram your Direct TV Service remote control to be used for your Sanyo DVD player. This guide can be used to reprogram the Directv DVR remote to work with a whole host of gadgets like TV, CD Players, DVD Players, Home Theatres, etc - but you will need to find the exact code from the Directv website for the others according to the brand.

  • First of all, you must make sure your Sanyo DVD player is turned on(Sometimes we miss the basics - afterall, we are humans).
  • Next slide the mode switch at the top of your Directv DVR remote to AV1.
  • Now Press and Hold the MUTE simultaneously and hit the SELECT button at the same time until the green light starts to flash twice. (If you don't get it the first time, try a few times over).
  • Now enter the code: 20873 (This is specific for a Sanyo DVD Player that my cousin had - so get your codes from the website)
  • After this the green light on the remote should flash twice, indicating that it has accepted your code.
  • Now aim the Directv DVR remote control at your DVD player and press the PWR button once.
  • Voila - if you have done this correctly it must turn off the DVD player.
You are done - and can use the Directv DVR remote to control both the Directv DVR box as well as your DVD Player.

PS. If the code I have provided above doesn't work, you can repeat the first 3 steps and enter any of these other codes: 20695, 20670 and give it a try.

For other devices, use the other codes for the Directv System.


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