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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Is Website Monitoring services really needed?

Website Monitoring was much of an unheard off terminology until a few years ago. Nowadays I would suggest that every company having a web presence must have a dedicated website monitoring service contract in place. As most companies nowadays use Web Intelligence in the form of incorporating the free Google Analytics or the paid services into their existing and upcoming websites - so do the need for website monitoring services.

There are quite a few websites that offer FREE web site monitoring services. This services allows you to monitor almost anything that is online - be it web servers that serve out websites or File Servers or e-mail Servers or even routers for that matter. So, you will be the first person to know whenever something goes down or there is an unscheduled downtime on your server.

The other advantage of this service is that it keeps checking the state of your server 24/7 and also more than a 1000+ times in a single day - so chances of it missing to alert you are very rare. Also, it just doen't monitor from a single geo location but the test servers are located all across the globe and makes the monitoring much simpler and also very very reliable. This kind of a setup also virtually eliminates the rise of any "False Alarms" so you can always be sure when an alarm that is raised to be very true and needing your expertise.

Downtime is something that your customers will not be happy about - and customers who are unsatisfied with your service will be your competitors real gain. The loss in revenue can also be very large for a small % of downtime in a single day. The loss can be much more for e-commerce websites and business that harness the power of the web to a large extend.