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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Opera 10 rolls out as Beta - Grab a copy

Opera has brought out the much anticipated inaugural Opera 10 Beta (codename Peregrine) and is a stone's throw nearer to Opera 10 final. Presto 2.2 Engine supported Opera 10 imparts on an user interface face lift on a few visual treats. For the first time beta of Opera 10 is available for download from Opera web site and the installer packs 6.6MB file size.

Opera had earlier declared Opera 10 Preview build way back in Dec that Opera 10 will bring in a good deal of fresh visual features like Tab Thumbnails that will reveal the website preview of the individual tab. To get Tab Thumbnails,just aim the computer mouse cursor at the bottom of any Tab until you get an up-down arrow. Then, mouse click and drag it to the maximum possible.

The most pleasing Speed Dial is at present configurable with up to 25 configurable web site Dials (thumbnails) one wants to have. The Configure speed dial push button is placed at the lower right of the Speed Dials. As well, any image can be set as screen background wallpaper.

Finally , it accompanies the Opera Turbo technology, that makes up web browsing commendably easy experience even on more sluggish Internet connections. Want to give it a spin, head over here and download it right away!!