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Friday, June 12, 2009

Some changes in the Most Authoritative Technology Blog

Well, it's not any major change - but if you have noticed closely a few changes have been happening at The Most Authoritative Technology Blog over the past few days. I have removed a few of the defunct scripts from the website which has marginally increased the speed at which the website has been loading - I have got some good feedback from our regulars too.

I have added a few scripts which suggest Related Articles in the blog. The first script is from LinkWithin, though we don't know much about the team over at LinkWithin - but they have surely done a wonderful job. So, you will now get 3 articles along with their thumb nails which are related to the current article you are reading. The next script is a also another related article script that harnesses the power of Google to deliver the results.

Hope these changes do benefit the readers. As always, I am open for suggestions on what could be done to better your experience over at the site.

The next change that I would be working on is to better the Social Bookmarking links below the articles, which will make it much easier for you to Bookmark and Share the articles on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.