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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Advantages of Processing your clients Credit cards on your own

Processing credit cards all over the World Wide Web is among the quickest flourishing sections of dealings nowadays. These type of dealings or "card-not-present" dealings demands a exceptional type of merchandiser business relationship. Most credit card companies use exceptional standards to measure risk and they have a different fee structure since you never physically ascertain the credit card. There are a lot of benefits to taking into account this than to use a system like PayPal per se to set up your card-not-present account. Some of the best reasons why I feel that you must use your own service as compared to the Online ones are mainly pertaining to ease of use. It is more like using your own credit card machines when your client asks for processing their card.

Some very good advantages are like :
  • You can accept totally all leading credit cards as well as electronic checks, Internet auctions and gift cards.
  • You can also very easily forestall hoax - distinguish fishy transactions with value - added merchandises when you have your own processing set-up.
  • Also, you can set up the system to do either Real time or batch transaction processing of the Credit Cards.
  • Even you can set up Mobile Interfaces to work on card processing on the move.

You only need to have your own merchant account and that's it. Just run a web search and you'll come up with thousands of them. But approval can be hard and the fees will add together for a small business.

If you have an online business you will be able to use an online gateway which is fairly cheap. From there you will be able to accept all major credit cards. PayPal has a very good program in place but doesnot really work out well mainly due to high transaction or monthly fees that you are required to shell out.

Merchant Warehouse's cutting-edge innovation has been aptly named as MerchantWARE Mobile. MerchantWARE Mobile is basically a POS (point-of-sale) app that runs off mobile devices. It helps in providing merchants with the power to process credit and debit transactions instantly by accepting payments rather very innovatively on their Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. MerchantWARE Mobile is an idealistic for any merchant in the business. He could simply be a sales rep, or a cashier in a small store, or a vendor at a trade show or even simply a pizza delivery driver. A merchant exclusively needs to sign on for a merchant business relationship with the company, download/install the application program through Apple iTunes and establish a WiFi, Edge or a 3G network connection. That's all it takes now!!