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Friday, July 10, 2009

Complete list of Orkut Country Specific Websites – use these when Orkut is blocked to scrap

orkut-logo Orkut – the popular social networking website from the Google stable has many country specific websites. Though most of us are only aware of www.Orkut.com yet there are specific websites for India, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Israel, Portugal and Australia currently.

Orkut is very popular in Brazil, followed by India – but atleast in India I see Facebook to become more popular by the day – though the quizzes may be crazy, games may be kiddish – yet the flocks head towards FaceBook!!

Here is the list of Country specific Orkut websites that may be useful for you to use when the Orkut.com website is blocked at your school, college or office. You could try one of the below Orkut websites and can log-in with your original user credentials.

Happy Surfing!! You could also use one of the proxy websites to access Orkut when it is blocked.


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