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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Gmail Finally graduates out of Beta

google Yes, it seems that GMail has finally graduated pretty silently out of Beta. Sometime back we had an answer on Gmail Support which read as,

What happens when Gmail goes out of beta?

Once you have a Gmail address, it's yours. Even after Gmail goes out of beta, you'll keep the same address and username. We can't say when we're coming out of beta, but we're looking forward to it!

Even, that question has now been removed!! Guess, they found the answer. The official Google Blog and also the GMail Blog has a detailed article and also information that many other Google Apps have also graduated out of the Beta stage. The other Apps are Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk — both their enterprise and consumer versions will now be out of Beta. For regular users there is NO change in any of the apps, but for the enterprise users Gmail will now support mail delegation, mail retention and also a slew of ongoing enhancements to Apps reliability!!

Before : logo

After : logo1

So, it’s taken Google almost 5 long years to graduate Gmail out of Beta. But, there many of us who have been so very familiar with the grey BETA added to the logo and simply can’t really stay without it – Google has an option for such users. Just head to Settings in your Gmail Screen, click on Labs, and turn on "Back to Beta," . You will now have the GMail logo replaced with the earlier Beta one!! One hell lot of innovation I would call (Pun Intended).