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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kindle 2 price Dropped!! Is there something more than what catches the eye?

The best selling e-reader of all times, Amazon’s Kindle 2 price has been been slashed by almost 15% recently to an all time low of $299. This might sound as a very cool news for many who wanted to buy a Kindle for themselves or gift someone a Kindle. But is there something behind the price drop by Amazon that catches the eye?

I for once surely feel that the price drop has been done by Amazon to flush off it’s aging inventory of Kindle 2’s while the company banks on the newly launched Kindle DX. Amazon it seems for once has completely sold out the first batch of Kindle DX's in an amazing 72 hours flat. Again the same story repeated after two weeks later, Amazon once again sold out "due to heavy customer demand" (as published on Amazon’s website). Currently the Kindle DX has a super cool four to six week wait for the fresh inventory to arrive.

But on the contrary you can readily purchase the 6-inch Kindle 2, isn’t that interesting?.

You can purchase the Kindle 2 online easily and securely on Amazon.com.