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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Things to look out for before getting a used car :: The complete used car checklist

I am out there in the market looking for a used car and have been doing quite a bit of research on used cars. Things to watch out for, so here's an article with all the information that I have gathered and can be useful to you too.

The most crucial things to take care before buying a secondhand car is low milelage and as well as a good body.
Ascertain under the bonnet for any leakages that you'll be able to see by eye
Make certain it looks clean in the interior of the car.
Explore the history if feasible, ascertain if the oil has been changed regularly, look inside the oil cap whenever you are able to and ascertain if you see any oil sludge or coated up oil.
Check for fine tires anticipate wear on the outermost edges if you'll be able to ask to see it up on a automobile lift to search any defective holes or anything merely if its mechanicly sound and motor looks fair and the body feels benevolent no holes and no rusting and runs unspoilt without any engine noise
View the engine cooling system as well, take away the radiator cap and look to ascertain if the water supply is corroded or brownish looking which would suggest conceivable serious issues.
These are what i do seeking a new automobile take it for a trial drive get the car all warmed and go sit down and have a coffee and when your finished having a coffee inspect under for any fluid leakages whenever there is no leaks you recognize the seals are all good be sure that the exhaust system is effective and not corroded out.

  • Check over for servicing records, and the way it senses when you sit down in it.
  • Check to ascertain want warrantee gets on the car and what it covers up.
  • Check the body for holes or rusting. and for collision damage.
  • Checkout to see how the car starts
  • Check out all lights and electric functions.
  • Ascertain under the bonnet for belts and hoses being fagged out and chapped and loose.
  • Check off all fluids and levels. if the engine is overly clean wonder how come?
  • Check up on the under carriage for holes and the exhaust system for leaks and disturbance.
  • Check the transmission see how it shifts. Is it a used transmission?
  • Check the handling and the drive.
  • Check tyres and brake system for wear.
Do let me know if there is something that I've missed out on.


  1. Malini said,

    Helpful information. surprised how it doesnt have any comments. I liked how you have taken effort to gather information about buying a used car. Many people are buying used cars these days and its important to lay hands on a no nonsense 2nd hand one, otherwise we are in for a huge trouble. so thanks for the blog.

    ~ Malini

    on 7/30/2009 10:29 AM