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Friday, July 31, 2009

Windows 7 Ultimate Crack Available for Free Download

Though we - the loyal customers need to wait a couple of months before we get the legal copies of Windows 7. The Windows 7 Activation crack is already available online for Free download. It has been barely a couple of weeks since Microsoft made available the RTM version of Windows 7 to the OEMs and lo we have the activation crack already available for Windows 7.

The Windows 7 Ultimate Activation crack is available on a Chinese Forum(Link cannot be revealed due to piracy concerns). The Windows 7 Ultimate activation crack has been built on the OEM version of Lenovo's Windows 7 Ultimate OEM DVD. The DVD ISO of Windows 7 Ultimate along with the newly available crack is already leaked at the forum. Anyone who uses the leaked .ISO, along with the OEM-SLP product key of Windows 7 Ultimate, coupled along with the activation certificates can be obtained through the boot.wim - helps you run Windows 7 Ultimate Final version.

The new activation crack uses a very simple technique of exploiting the "OEM Activation 2.1", which happens to be an updated volume license activation system by Microsoft that was earlier available from 2006 with Windows Vista and known infamously as "Activation 2.0". Looks like Microsoft hasn't learned from the mistakes coz, Activation 2.0 was previously the easy module break into Vista way back in 2006 when Vista hit the stores.

The new crack which has been successfully been built on a Windows 7 volume license means that anyone who uses this cracked version can install Windows 7 on numerous machines without any limitations as such.


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