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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Does having a Car Body Kit reduce the Mileage of the car? Is Fiberglass better than Urethane?

There are people who tweak every kind of car that is out there in the market and it's these very same folks who drive the Car Body Kit market by gaints and leaps. Usually, we find cars are tweaked by their owners for broadly reasons pertaining to enhancing the cars looks or it's speed, or even the sound of the car. But there looms a very large question as to whether using a car body kit will reduce the gas mileage of the car?

Many people may right away say that car body kits will surely reduce the mileage - but experts feel otherwise. The answer lies in the kind of kit you are adding to your car.Nowadays most of the body kits available are much smaller and a great more stylish - some of them even increase the aerodynamics of the car leading to better fuel efficiency!!

Things like alloy wheels will surely change the looks of your car giving it a much more aggressive look. Alloys will also help you stay stuck onto the road with a wider contact area for your tyres which adds more grip but at a cost. When looking out for car body kits always look out for kits made out of materials like either fiberglass or urethane - since they are much lighter and also durable.The fiberglass kits are much easy to repair than the urethane kits but often the fiberglass ones will break so you need to take a call on choosing the right material for you. Fiberglass is known to be a relatively strong material under most normal circumstances. It is made from plastic resin and synthetic fiber using very advanced techniques. Fiberglass can easily be damaged, and it also fatigues over time, leading to cracks.

Note that if you happen to live in an area that has adverse weather and snow and bad terrain, I would definitely recommend you to choose urethane because of its sheer endurance. While on the other hand, if you happen to live in an area where the roads are smooth and the weather is pretty good, then fiberglass body kits can be used. Always note that just as metal body kits rusts over a period of time, fiberglass cracks under adverse weather conditions.