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Friday, September 11, 2009

Is Arts and Crafts taken a back seat due to video games and tech gadgets?

Nowadays we find more and more children being glued to playing video games, watching TV than spending time on creative activities like Arts and Crafts. This surely is gonna affect the child on a long run. Arts and Crafts definitely make the child more innovative and creative though however small thing he/she does.

Nurturing the child's interests should always be considered an important and also a very responsible duty of every parent. When you find that the kid shows some sort of a interest in particular arts and crafts for kids, that's the time when you need to give full support to the child and nurture it. Never forget to show interest and support in something that the child does and it considers it to be very close to its heart, like painting, (s)he will develop and sometime down the line excel in that particular skill for sure.

Children always have been loving arts and crafts, and as nursery, and kindergarten teachers do not have to cover as much in academic activity as older classes do, they often fill up the space with arts and crafts for kids. But more and more kids don't spend more time on it outside the school due to hook up to computers and games.

There are special Arts and craft stores in most localities that have a variety of ideas and home d├ęcor projects for not just children but also adults who love this kind of work created by artisans and other hobbyists. These stores also have a collection of arts and crafts specific products that can be beautifully used to decorate your home, as well as for self creating other wonderful landscape and lifestyle products for your home.

When you've got this type of children you can easily get them more fascinated, and it's here where parents can become more inventive. I remember in my yesteryear's of painting Easter eggs with our family - that was such a wonderful experience at that time. We would also boil onion skins and make a dark brown broth of it and then the same thing with purple onions. This would be used to soak the already hard boiled eggs in the broth overnight and the next day we could paint the tan and purple colored eggs to our hearts delight with wonderful colors of choice. We would paint absolutely anything and everything like animals, flowers, birds, leaves, zigzag lines, just about anything that came to our minds. This work was also rewarding as we felt part of the preparing process for the holidays but nowadays the kids have other ideas on XBox / PlayStation, etc - gottu change their perception.