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Sunday, November 15, 2009

HP PhotoSmart Free Printer Giveaway contest - Day 3 of 7

Well, well - Here we have the day 3 of the contest for you. There was a barrage of e-mails yesterday as to what happened to the contest question - well, we were slightly off track as the questions were coming out only at around 15:00hrs on Day 1 and Day2 - Inorder to correct this off-set, yesterday was intentionally left and lo - we now have questions in the morning itself from today onwards.

Also, for those who find it hard to track the questions daily or for those who have the website blocked at their office premises - here's a simple solution. Enter your mail ID in the form below and get subscribed to the mailing list - the questions will be delivered right in your inbox - ain't that simple?

So here's the fun reading for today and also the question.

A printer for everyone in the household

As I had mentioned in the earlier article - the brand new HP PhotoSmart Premium C309G printer is touted as the world's first Web-Connected printer. Now what this really means is that the printer can work very individually without the need for a PC and when I say this - it's not the simple Copy-Scan features I am talking about but a whole host of other things.

The HP PhotoSmart Premium C309G is all about convenience and simplicity - It features a really nice and large 3.45-inch touchscreen which is called the TouchSmart control panel. This allows users to easily view, edit and print studio quality photos from their online web albums located at HP Snapfish - All this even without switching ON your PC. Not just that, the superb Touchscreen helps you to do much more on Snapfish like archive, share, and even create projects or print photos from the site. Isn't it a true Web-Connected printer?

Day 3: HP PhotoSmart Premium C309G printer is touted as the XXX-Connected printer. What's the XXX?

Click here to give your answer to the above question and also enter the contest. Rules of the contest are available at the following link.
P.S: You need to answer only the XXX at the contest entry page.


  1. Binoy xavier said,

    Answered again! Thanks you Jason and team HP for this cool giveaway!

    on 11/15/2009 6:55 PM