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Monday, November 09, 2009

SMS based location search in Bangalore - Get directions for free

A new SMS based location search service is available in Bangalore now. It's on 9008890088. This new service allows you to find services, directions to places of interest and also provides directions to people from point A to point B in Bangalore.

The cool things about this services is that it is completely based out of the SMS network and so it works absolutely fine for people with or without Smart phones. Till date we have had location based search confined to only smart phones having mapping facility like GPS but this new service brings in a lot of hope to look out for in Bangalore.

The 9008890088 SMS service is available free of charge - the only charge you will incur is the standard SMS rate for local messages as per your mobile plan. This service requires NO registration or NO subscription.

I used this service over the weekend and was very much impressed with it - I found the service to be pretty reliable and also involves very little waiting time - maybe because very few people have started to use this service. But even on a weekend and the fast response it was really good. The reply back time varied for me from around 5 seconds to a max of about 1 minute but again it looks like the reply time varied due to the mobile operator’s message traffic congestion and also the availability of signals since I was constantly on the move.

Here's how you can make use of this very simple and effective service. All you need to do is simply send SMS to 9008890088.

Here's how you can use the service - simply SMS any of these messages below to 9008890088:
  • Example 1: FROM Silk Board TO Lalbagh Road
  • Example 2: Pizza NEAR Forum Mall
  • Example 3: HDFC ATM NEAR M G Road

You will get an instant reply SMS with the exact location and also you will get the shortest directions to reach the place from a prominent landmark. Another added benefit is that you also get to know the total distance in Kilometers and also an approximate Auto fare to the destination which really helps when you need to bargain for a fixed fee from places like MG Road or Forum.

Hope you too find the service very useful - save it to your mobile now!! Never know when you need this service which is just an SMS away!!