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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back to blogging after a 2yr sabbatical

Yup you heard the headline right - Jason is back to full fledged blogging after a 2+yr sabbatical. Things on the technology front have changed drastically but fret not I am going to start from what's relevant for all of you.

The last 2yrs has been a mixed bag of affairs on all fronts - got a new job, shifted roles in the new job, completed my masters, started a few new hobbies and rested some for good.... importantly found some new friends and lost complete touch of yet a few friends who were near and dear.

How have you folks been? I have been getting mails from quite a few of you with either tech queries or a plain 'hi.. how are things going?'. I hope I have answered all your mails, if not - I apologize.

As for now, I look forward to resurrect this blog like a phoenix from the ashes!!

So stay tuned!!