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Saturday, June 19, 2021

The best 3 BP Monitors available today

With the current Covid situation & lockdowns. Also with online doctor consultation where the doc's usually want some basic info like temperature, weight, BP, etc. A home BP monitor is becoming a must.

Coming back to topic, I have been looking at BP monitors for a few weeks now and have been able to shortlist 3 of them based on functionality, reviews, etc. 

Choice 1: Beurer (BM35)  https://amzn.to/3qaL5oe
Price: Rs. 1,499 usually on Amazon Sale. 
+ Comes with 5yr warranty. 
+ Claims to be German made. - Stores only 2 profiles. 
- Has no electrical adaptor bundled. 

Choice 2: Dr Trust Atrial Fibrillation Model  https://amzn.to/3iVgiKO
Price: Rs. 2,299 on Flipkart and Amazon. 
+ Has a talking feature, though I feel that it is not very useful. 
+ Has a fuzzy Atrial Fibrillation detector (this is making me more lean towards it, though not sure how accurate it can be - experts please chime). 
+ Has an electrical adaptor bundled. 
- Says product of USA but no one in US have heard of this brand in my circle. 
- Not sure on profile storage and if it has the average BP between readings on display. 

Choice 3: Omron HEM 7156  https://amzn.to/2SKs4wN
Price: Rs. 2,999 on Flipkart and Amazon. 
+ Brand has been manufacturing medical devices for long. 
+ Claims to have Intelli Wrap for accurate readings. 
- Electrical Adaptor needs to be purchased separately (Abt Rs. 500 additional) 
 - Double the price to Choice 1 

Hope this helps to choose the right BP monitor based on your need.